Local scene: Q and A with Will Pantelis

Will Pantelis is an aspiring 20-year-old musician, studying Music Education (Sonic Arts) at the University of Adelaide. In addition to being a part time student, he's also working on writing and producing his own album. We sat down with Will to find out more about his music, and what it’s like being an aspiring artist... Continue Reading →


Downloading Music: Yeah or nah?

The downloading music dilemma has been a serious issue in the music industry for over a decade. Artists and record companies alike have been battling the internet, and its pirating networks in order to regain control over music distribution and consumer sales. It's true that the introduction of online streaming platforms have assisted in lowering... Continue Reading →

Album Review: Illuminate // Shawn Mendes

Audiences were first introduced to teenage heart-throb Shawn Mendes through the popular six-second video app Vine, where he mastered the art of capturing young girl’s hearts with his impressive guitar and vocal skills. Although the videos only lasted six seconds, it was enough for Island records to snatch the teen pop-sensation and offer him a... Continue Reading →

The rise of A Capella

Over the course of the past decade, we have seen our fair share of music trends come and disappear, but one trend that won’t be going away anytime soon is the rise of A capella. For those who aren’t familiar with this genre, A capella is a style of music where artists use only their... Continue Reading →

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